the alchemy sessions

alchemy sessions

Here be dragons!
-- The Land of Dragons

You stand upon the path. The dragon before you. You cannot turn back. There is only the path forward. But there it sits: the dragon.

Who is this? What is this? Defeat him, banish him, and you have not learnt the lesson: another will appear in his place. The dragon is the obstacle. How does one pass and continue?

This is the guardian on the path. You need to allow this creature to teach you the lesson and then, only then, do you get to ride him.

He is the guardian. A gentle giant in many ways. Looks scary, threatening, especially to the uninitiated passerby and those who would do battle.

Your path includes the dragon. To move forward in the direction you must you will need to befriend this creature. This teacher.

Sometimes we face a dragon on the path. A guardian that we find really hard to navigate. Again and again, we struggle with the way forward. We can take a different route temporarily, but if this is the path we cannot avoid him.

It is here that we need a guide. Someone to show us the way. Someone who knows how to navigate dragons. Someone who speaks the very language of dragons.


No one ever mentions the dragons on the path of creative, spiritual entrepreneur. But this is the very land of dragons. And we come unprepared and ill equipped.

Here then is the Rainbow Dragon, guardian of the rainbow bridge: connector of our inner and outer worlds. We must learn to navigate and befriend this creature if we are to continue on this path of no return.

The Alchemist is a transmuter of the stuck into the path forward. Turning those things that stick us into golden elixir.


The Alchemy Sessions
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alchemy sessions